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Wealth Management Services

At Ogden Wealth it is our goal to inspire you to live your life by design – not by default. We give you permission to dream again.  Once you share with us what that looks like for you, we’ll help you make wise decisions along the way that support that preferred future. Making the best decisions can only be accomplished by providing you with the tools and education required to stick with the plan.  It is imperative for you to see where you are going in order to forgo some of the pleasantries of today.  We also help you see visually how the right (or wrong) decisions impact your tomorrow in order to keep you on track.

We are unlike other Advisors and we encourage prospective clients to meet several advisors before moving forward. Our clients can feel safe knowing their Advisor wants what is truly best for them, not only Financially, but Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally & Physically… as well!


Portfolio Management

When it comes to handling your wealth, our team follows a disciplined investment management process that is rooted in trust, transparency and accountability.  Learn more


Wealth Planning

One things for sure, Life’s Uncertain… but our Wealth Enhancement Group is experienced and qualified to handle just about anything life throws your way. Learn more


Risk Management

Have you identified the most serious threats to your financial future? Do you know which risks you’ve mitigated and which remain? Learn more


Estate Planning

Ogden Wealth along with our Wealth Enhancement Group is here to help you with your legacy. Learn more


Tax Planning

A wealth plan would be incomplete without the consideration of tax implications. At Ogden Wealth, we aren’t tax experts, but we know when to consult them. Learn more



Our trust services team can provide your family with professional guidance for multiple generations. Learn more