Terry is a deeply spiritual individual and has a natural knowing within that benefits both clients and our Ogden Wealth Family.  Terry has an extraordinary gift to connect situations and people like no other.  She has been instrumental in the evolution of Ogden Wealth giving Michelle & John feedback as both a client and a stakeholder.  Terry is Michelle’s Closest Friend, Mentor and Teacher.  She has an ability to help one see WHAT MATTERS MOST and do it with Love, Compassion & NO judgement.

Terry Weis was born in Sanford Florida; she then relocated to New Jersey.  Her family relocated back to Winter Park, Florida when she was a young adult and she attended College here.  As the Oldest of 7 children Terry delivered her fair share of mothering from a young age.  Terry Joined Ogden Wealth in early 2018 prior to this, She had a career as a flight attendant, travel director, Amazon Book Seller and more recently she spent time helping her Brother’s law firm with Bookkeeping.  Terry is passionate about helping clients recognize the freedom that comes from good financial stewardship. Michelle says she learned everything she knows from her parents.  Her father taught her to “Do what you Love” and her Mom taught her to manage her money wisely.  We are very grateful to have “Mom” on the team here at Ogden Wealth.

Terry has a passion for reading and growing personally. Other passions include Yoga, her plants (orchids, bromeliads & violets) and spending time with her family.