Exit Planning

Knowing When and How to Exit With Grace

Just like starting a business, it’s important for business owners to plan ahead for when and how to exit your business – whether it be for advantageous reasons such as retirement, or more adverse reasons such as death or disability. Whatever events life could bring, we can help you put a strategy in place to get the most out of your business..


Tracking your business growth is instrumental in identifying when you will have the optimum resale price of your business.

the value hidden in your business by conducting an annual business valuation, which will help determine your business’s focus areas.
the value of your business by mitigating the personal, financial and business risks associated with it.
your business’s value by increasing your cash flow and improving your multiple.
the fruits of your labor when the time comes, whether it be by selling your business or transitioning the company to a family member.
your value. To pursue the most value, you must manage not only your business value, but your personal financial value as well.

Risk Management

We will help you plan for the unplanned:


If you were to die tomorrow, what would happen to your family, your employees and the ownership of your business? What would happen to your loans? Are your beneficiaries in place? Do you have a documented plan in place so those who need to know have direction?


What if you become incompacitated and you cannot talk or write? Does your family know where your important papers are located? Do you have a power of attorney for financial or medical matters?


If things are just not working out with your spouse, do you know your options? Do you have a prenuptial agreement? What changes in your finances will impact the needs for your business?


Partners in a business usually don’t expect conflict, but do you have a plan for it to happen?


The events of 2020 and 2021 are a perfect example of unexpected occurrences that could disrupt a business. Do you have a plan in place to cover unforeseen business disruptions?

What Every Business Owner Should Know About Exit Planning

Selling your business involves strategy, advisors and planning.

Selling your business involves strategy, advisors and planning.

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Exit Planning