John Ogden has a natural gift to connect with clients, prospects and business partners alike.  He has been instrumental in developing strategic alliances and developing plans to adapt to the changing financial landscape.  John has a great work life balance and brings that to the office every day.  He works hard & plays even harder and he encourages others to do the same.  John coordinates all our client engagement activities and helps bring FUN to Ogden Wealth Team.

John Ogden was born and raised in South Florida. Both captain of the baseball team and the quarterback of the football team, John was voted MOST athletic.  John played college baseball at UCF and was actually drafted by the Chicago Cubs… But John had other plans.  Shortly after passing on playing pro ball he met his bride, Michelle.  While still attending college he started as a Superintendent at one of the largest site companies in Central Florida and worked his way up to become the Operations Manager.  In search for a better work life balance a competitor recruited him away.  In 2011 work slowed and John was able to leave his job and obtain his Certified Building Contractor (CBC) & Underground Utilities License.  John started his own site company, Ground Breaking Construction.  Which looking back turned out to be the BEST Experience and a WAKE UP call to What Matters Most.  With a booming construction economy and a shortage of quality workers John strategically closed the doors in 2016 choosing his health, his marriage & his overall happiness over his business that was successful from the very beginning.  It was a leap of faith and a decision John made after doing extensive comprehensive financial planning.  As you can imagine, John is passionate about helping clients gain clarity and freedom that comes from the financial planning process. He is a HUGE planning advocate and we are grateful to have his talents in Operations and Business Development here at Ogden Wealth.

John has a passion for hunting, fishing & anything related to sports. Other passions include traveling, eating and spending time with the family.