About Michelle

As the Founder and CEO of Ogden Wealth, Michelle Ogden is passionate about helping clients step outside of their current financial circumstances and think differently about their money. She recognizes that so much of financial decision-making is done from the perspective of fear, therefore she works hard to bring truth into her conversations with clients and empower them to make wise choices with their wealth. Often, the men and women she serves strive to be good financial stewards, they just don’t know how to accomplish their goals. She enjoys getting their financial house in order so they can leave a lasting legacy for the next generation.

Michelle was born and raised in Homestead, Florida, and she later moved to Winter Park after Hurricane Andrew destroyed her childhood home. Her career in financial services began when she took a position as a bank teller at 18. There, she found she had a natural aptitude for money management and originally decided to pursue a degree in accounting. While at UCF, however, Michelle discovered she hated accounting and loved finance, thus switching her major. Following graduation, she became a stock broker at Charles Schwab, where she excelled at personal day trading and helped investors do the same.

After a great run at Schwab, Michelle enjoyed 2 years in commercial real estate. At night, however, she still found herself assisting people with their finances. In 2006, she accepted an opportunity to become an independent adviser with VOYA Financial, an insurance-based Broker/Dealer. It was at this same time Michelle hired a life coach and redefined her own relationship with money. Up until that point, Michelle assumed money was the answer to all of her problems. She was painfully frugal, but she simultaneously failed to experience the freedom she imagined money would provide. This personal journey to view money in a different way would lay a foundation for her to do the same with clients.

Michelle then founded Michelle Ogden & Company LLC in 2007. It is her mission to help people live a life by design, not by default. Stress and anxiety are toxic emotions that are often associated with financial matters. The comprehensive planning Michelle and her team provide significantly reduces those negative emotions and replaces them with positive ones, like financial confidence, hope for the future, anticipation, and excitement as you move toward your preferred future.

Michelle partnered with Carson Group in 2018, changing the company name to Ogden Wealth LLC, which reflected her expanding business and clarified more of what the company truly offers.

Outside of work, Michelle’s passions are her faith, family and friends. They are all so intertwined it is hard to know when one ends and the other begins. She adores the great outdoors and loves hiking, biking and anything related to the ocean (snorkeling, scalloping, lobster-ing, fishing, diving, etc). After watching her mother get deathly ill in 2008, Michelle has also made her own health a priority.