Nelly Carson Reviews Bring Your Dog to Work Day

Sometime around 15,000 years ago, a very inspired human saw a dog just like me and said to themselves, “This looks like an amazing best friend.” That person and hundreds of others started to domesticate us as canine companions. But, what they soon realized was that dogs also make amazing coworkers because of our loyalty, intelligence and, dare I say, lovability.

Flash forward to 2017 and dogs are no longer confined to careers in hunting and herding. We are making our mark (not to be confused with marking our territory) in airports, police stations, schools, court houses and just about any other professional setting you can think of. My fellow hounds and I are trained to be tough enough to serve on battlefields, obedient enough to assist individuals with disabilities and cute enough to be an accessory for celebrities in paparazzi photos.

So, when my dad (Ron Carson) initially approached me about taking on a position at Carson Group, I was eager to follow in the pawsteps of those dogs who came before me. Dad and I discussed my strengths (too many to list here) and my weaknesses (a fondness for naps), carefully crafting my role as Chief Comfort Officer. Despite the fact that I only get paid in milkbones (sounds like an HR issue but I’m not going to press it), I feel like I’m living my purpose.

Being a Chief Comfort Officer means I am responsible for a myriad of tasks. Not only do I take on the lion’s share (ugh cats) of the emotional support for my human counterparts, I also make sure someone (cough *Dad* cough) gets to all his meetings on time. It is simultaneously the most rewarding and exhausting job I could have, hence all the naps.

Once a year, however, I am allowed to bring in a whole pack of reinforcements. Yes, you heard me right, for one magnificent day I take a break from my regularly scheduled duties to host Bring Your Dog to Work Day (BYDWD). Poodles, boxers, retrievers, terriers and more gather at our office with one intent: to learn where their owners disappear to every day.

Some people ask me:

Nelly, is it hard to share the spotlight on BYDWD? To be honest, it is a little difficult.

Do you ever get jealous when you see other dogs getting the pats and snuggles you normally get? I’m not too proud to admit that my big brown eyes do turn a bit green that day.

Does BYDWD make the stakeholders immensely happy? YES!

You see, of those questions, the last one is the only that truly matters. This year, there were more smiles and more wagging tails than I could even count. That day it didn’t matter if you were on four legs or two legs, everyone was feeling the love (except that one not-so-good boy who tried to take my tennis ball).

After the dogs and their masters went home, I sat Dad down for our weekly one-on-one (he gets a treat if he sits on the first try) and explained to him what BYDWD means for #CarsonCulture. It’s not just about basking in the glory of the greatest animal ever made, it’s about showing our stakeholders that their family is our family . . . even if that family is still mastering the art of potty training. As Chief Comfort Officer, I am honored to say that Carson Group is a place of welcoming and a place where our stakeholders feel at home.

I can’t take all the credit for making Carson Group what it is today (I am only 5 after all), but I can say that this modern, working dog has earned her title of best friend.

Want to know more about me, visit my bio. If you need to contact me, I’ll be napping.

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